The Impact of the Israel-Hamas Conflict on Oil Prices and the Global Economy

The Historical Context and Risk Assessment Warning bells rang in financial markets as the extent of the devastating Hamas attack on Israel became evident. This event’s repercussions on oil prices and the global economy are a cause for concern. Geopolitics and Oil Prices One fundamental rule in geopolitics is that recessions often stem from a … Read more

The Impact of the 5% Bond Market on Everyone’s Future

The era of near-zero interests’ rates and negative rates in some parts of the world, such as Europe and Asia, orchestrated by central banks to stimulate economic growth post-financial crisis and during the pandemic, appears to be coming to a close. Recent developments, including 30-year US Treasury bond yields surging beyond 5% for the first … Read more

China’s Treasuries Stockpile: Impact on Bond Market Meltdown

Courtesy: Bloomberg   The recent substantial losses in US Treasuries have brought China’s holdings of these securities into sharp focus. As the debate intensifies over how high US yields might rise, economists like Torsten Slok from Apollo Global Management point out that China’s slowing economic growth translates into fewer dollars available for purchasing Treasuries. However, … Read more