Janet Yellen’s Efforts to Stabilize Markets Amidst Historic US Bond Decline

US Treasury Secretary Addresses Bond Market Turmoil and Economic Trends Analysis of Yellen’s Insights and Market Resilience US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has embarked on a mission to soothe the financial markets in the face of an unprecedented collapse in US bonds. Yellen’s Reassurance In an exclusive interview with the Financial Times, Yellen expressed her … Read more

Treasuries’ Strongest Rebound Since March Amidst Fed’s Cautious Signals

Courtesy: Bloomberg   Bond Investors Gain Confidence as Rate Hike Expectations Diminish     Analysis of US Treasuries and Implications for Financial Markets Bond investors are becoming increasingly optimistic that the relentless sell-off in US Treasuries, which has persisted for months, may finally be drawing to a close. Signs of Relief US 10-year yields experienced … Read more

IMF Monitors U.S. Bond Market Shift Amid Supply Imbalances

IMF’s Chief Economist Discusses Concerns and Fiscal Recommendations   Courtesy: Reuters   Insights from Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas on Bond Sell-off and Fiscal Policy The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is closely monitoring recent developments in the global bond market following a notable selloff of U.S. bonds. According to the IMF’s Chief Economist, this shift raises concerns about … Read more

Understanding China’s Bond Asset Strategy: Debunking the Treasury Bond Mystery

Courtesy: Business Insider   Introduction In the midst of soaring US Treasury yields, questions have arisen about whether China’s actions are contributing to this market upheaval. To shed light on this mystery, we turn to insights from Brad Setser, a former Treasury official. The Bond Market Dilemma The recent surge in US Treasury yields, the … Read more