Rishi Sunak Unveils HS2 Downsizing Plan in Conservative Conference Address

Rishi Sunak Announces Major Changes in Conservative Party Conference Speech


In a significant and anticipated speech at the Conservative party conference, Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, unveiled a series of substantial policy shifts. These announcements included the cancellation of the HS2 rail link from Birmingham to Manchester and the introduction of a new post-16 educational qualification, among other measures.


HS2 Cancellation and Transport Investment

One of the most striking revelations in Sunak’s speech was the cancellation of the planned HS2 rail link from Birmingham to Manchester. This decision, driven by cost overruns and changing economic circumstances, marked a major shift in government infrastructure policy. Sunak emphasized that the £36 billion saved from scrapping HS2 would be reinvested in various transport projects across the country. These projects encompassed road schemes, east-west rail links, public transport improvements, and road capacity expansion. He argued that this redirection of funds would ensure that all regions outside London received equal or greater government investment compared to the original HS2 plan, promising quicker results.


Transforming Post-16 Education

Sunak also introduced a transformative initiative in the realm of education. He announced the replacement of A-levels and T-levels with a new qualification called the advanced British standard. Under this system, all students would study mathematics and English up to the age of 18 and would pursue five different subjects. To incentivize the teaching of key subjects, tax-free bonuses of up to £30,000 would be offered to educators. Sunak described this move as a significant step toward achieving parity of esteem between academic and technical education while ensuring that all students left school with strong literacy and numeracy skills.


Anti-Smoking Legislation and Culture War Themes

Another notable policy shift concerned smoking regulations. Sunak proposed a New Zealand-style anti-smoking law that would incrementally raise the minimum age for purchasing tobacco each year. This initiative aimed to create a smoke-free generation, starting with today’s 14-year-olds. Sunak clarified that this change would only occur following a free vote in the Commons, without any party-based whipping.

In addition to these policy announcements, Sunak addressed a range of other topics in his speech, such as immigration, crime, the union, and the benefits system. He also delved into culture war themes, specifically critiquing transgender activism.


Sunak’s Vision for Change

Throughout his speech, Rishi Sunak positioned himself as an agent of change, emphasizing the need for long-term decision-making, the willingness to challenge vested interests and a radical approach to addressing societal challenges. He framed the upcoming election as a choice between embracing change and maintaining the status quo.


Reactions and Implications

The cancellation of the HS2 project has generated mixed reactions, with some expressing concerns about the impact on transportation and regional development. Andy Street, the Conservative mayor for the West Midlands, is reportedly considering resignation in protest of this decision, while Birmingham city council expressed disappointment and fears of economic setbacks.

In closing, Sunak’s speech marked a pivotal moment in the Conservative Party’s approach to policy and governance. The Chancellor presented a vision of transformation, emphasizing fiscal responsibility and strategic investments in education and transportation. The implications of these policy shifts will undoubtedly shape political discourse and decision-making in the months and years ahead.


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