What is meant by 1Percent by 10 Net 30?

1 Percent by 10 NET-30 count is one way to provide cash discount on purchases. This means that if the bill is paid within 10 days, there is a 1% discount. Otherwise, the total amount is within 30 days.           Look at a glance. — 1Percent/10 NET 30 contracts when 30% … Read more

What is meant by a 10-K?

10-K is a comprehensive report submitted annually by a publicly traded company on its financial performance and is required by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The report contains much more detail than a company’s annual report, which is sent to its shareholders before an annual meeting to elect the company’s directors. Some … Read more

What is meant by SEC Form 10-Q?

SEC 10-Q form is a comprehensive report on financial performance that all public bodies must submit to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In 10-Q, companies are required to disclose relevant information related to their finances as a result of their business activities. 10-Q is usually an uneducated or unaudited report. Generally, you must submit … Read more

What is sustainable finance.

Sustainable finance is the set of financial regulations, standards, norms and products that pursue an environmental objective. It allows the financial system to connect with the economy and its populations by financing its agents while maintaining a growth objective. The long-standing concept was promoted with the adoption of the Paris Climate Agreement, which stipulates that … Read more

How to finance a real estate investment.

Buying your main residence for the first time or buying to rent…Real estate investment is a major project in your life, which can be financed by resorting to savings (personal contribution) as well as credit. Here’s how.       FIRST, DETERMINE YOUR ACQUISITION CAPACITY To know the budget that you can devote to your project, you … Read more

Five rules & regulation for financial development

Personal finance, the word, explains how persons manage his/her money and plan for their future goals. The financial decisions and activities of everyone affect their financial health day by day. We are often directed by particular rules of thumb, such as “don’t purchase a home that values more than two and a half years of … Read more